People do not believe me when I tell them they are the cause of their own unhappiness, and if they simply change their beliefs, their entire life will change.
"Mind controls reality, and reality conforms to Mind." 
~ The Cycle of Mind
What we need is a structured thought management system to focus your thoughts and change your negative self-beliefs. 

The Cycle of Mind is that system.

Here’s just some of what the Cycle of Mind material covers:

Principles of Mind's Operation

The four operating principles of Mind, and how beliefs form according to these principles.

The Daily Exercises

Simple five minute exercises every morning and every night put you on the path to controlling and directing your own thoughts.

Reality Conforms to Mind

Prove it for yourself.  The Three Day Challenge will show you, with your own eyes how Reality forms around your new thoughts.

Will Power

The role of will power in new habit creation.  Create new habits and actions that will change your life.

The Nature of Mind

Understand the Conscious, Unconscious, Subconscious and Superconscious, and their roles in the Cycle of Mind System.


The Cycle of Mind is a repeatable,  structured system to insert any new beliefs you want into Subconscious Mind.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof."    ~ Carl Sagan
It’s a big claim, but you will see for yourself exactly how circumstances form around your thoughts, then I’ll show you how to insert new beliefs – any beliefs you choose – directly into the Subconscious Mind.
We are able to embed new beliefs into Subconscious Mind because, like everything else in the universe - Mind operates in rhythms and cycles, and I will show you exactly how it works.
The Cycle of Mind book, and the instructional videos in our community website have only one purpose: To help you start on the right path with the Cycle of Mind techniques. 
Your future is whatever you imagine it to be. Health, happiness, prosperity – are all yours. In fact, these are your birthrights. All you need to do is take control of your thoughts and change your thinking.
You can do this, but more importantly, you must do this. You do not have to “settle” for the way things are. You can choose, at any moment, to change your self-beliefs and thereby change your circumstances. You will write your own future – as you have already been doing every moment of your life until now.
You have always had the choice to create new beliefs, but now you have a structured, repeatable daily exercise program to rewrite the contents of your Mind down to the finest detail.
Check out the materials and see if it’s for you. I look forward to welcoming you as the newest member of our community.
~ Alan Gordon
Author, The Cycle of Mind

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