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Trust-Based Selling.

Free Sales Training Posted on YouTube.

Free training to anyone on the planet.  Trust is the key to sales - it's the key to all relationships.  Building trust is easy if you learn one simple skill - Listening.  When you really listen to other people and tune in on their wavelength, your whole life will change and sales will flow.  Listening has the power to change your life.




Well... the sales industry doesn't really exist.  It's the Wild West.  Like playing musical chairs - some people end up in a great job, but most end up with a dead end job in a negative - even dysfunctional sales environment.  They're given no benefits and no real training, so they struggle.  


The truth is, salespeople are just like people in every other profession - good parents, husbands, wives and neighbors trying to build a life for themselves and their families.
These are the people we try to help.


We post all our training on YouTube, free forever.  Nobody should have to pay for sales training.  That's not right - people need help. 


Sales has gained a reputation as an unpleasant (almost disreputable) job defined by salespeople who have pushed the limits with aggressive tactics and behaviors.  Buyers have been labeled "liars".  Everyone is out for themselves.  Everyone  has an angle, everything is a pitch. 
This is the perception we want to change. 


We teach Trust-Based Selling.  Buyers aren't "liars" and salespeople aren't sleazy.   Believe it or not, salespeople actually care about their customers and want to help them into a better situation.
We teach you to sell from a positive mindset.


Trust is the first principle of our Association - the most important thing to us in everything we do.  We model a positive sales  approach that others can follow.

For the top 10%, this Wild West sales industry works really well.  Top salespeople are making great money, but for the other 90% (about 350 million people), sales is a real struggle.   


Just like nurses, teachers and a hundred other professions - salespeople do a difficult and specialized job that's critical to the success of the companies they serve.  They deserve respect for the work they do, and an opportunity for generous reward when they succeed.

Businesses need to understand why it's in their own best interest to value their salespeople and create a more positive sales environment.

We're making sales a better profession by putting trust back into the world, and adding happiness, purpose and meaning into the lives of our members. 

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Would you like to get past "I'm not interested" and "Call me next week"?

Are you losing sales to the same objections over and over again?

Do you need help with confidence in closing?

Bring Trust back into sales.  Support the work of our Association.


So Much More Than Just Sales Training

To the outside world we are a Sales Training organization, and we're proud to offer free sales training, but there's so much more inside the Mastermind! 
Take a step into the unknown and see what happens next!
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

  • Use the full power of Mind to live by timeless Mastermind Principles
  • Adopt a Trust-Based communication style and lower your levels of pressure and stress
  • Surround yourself with a positive community that will encourage and support your vision
  • Explore professional and personal growth opportunities as you expand your horizons
  • Flex your cooperation muscles to achieve great things in your life
  • Be optimistic about your career!  Expect the best!  Live your life with open arms!
  • Establish a legacy of success in your sales and business career

"It’s not how big or small the goal, the size or scope of the thing is of no consequence.  It is the unbreakable firmness of the belief that leads the group to cooperate and through their combined will, bend the very mind of the universe to the accomplishment. The power of mind to create what we want, by point of fact, is unlimited.  The combined power of a Mastermind allows you to accomplish in one day what would take you one year to accomplish on your own."
~ Napoleon Hill

No standing in front of a private jet! 

Everything we do is for the benefit of our members.  Our sales videos are packed with actionable, in-depth instruction to help you learn everything you need to sharpen your sales skills, overcome any objections and close with more consistency. 



Make the most of these live coaching calls.  We'll be reviewing your most stressful sales situations, and give tips to help navigate.  The sales techniques you learn and the ideas you pick up in these workshops will be with you for your whole career.   


As a member of the Mastermind Association, you will become part of our moderated sales discussion.  If you're looking for positive reminders throughout the day, or quick tips and video links, or maybe you feel like broadcasting your next month's sales goals to the whole Association - this is the group that will push you to career changes and achievements you never thought imaginable. You will learn from the Mastermind, and Mastermind will learn from you.  

"Learn to Connect With People and Your Sales Will Soar!"  

My team was struggling with setting appointments for our weekly webinar. Alan taught me the script and process for setting appointments. I just set 10 in 2 days! 

Now I have to push back our coaching sessions because I’m so busy with the webinars and all the follow-ups!

Markus K.

What You Receive When You Join The Association Today:

  • Live Weekly Coaching Calls
  • A Members Library Already Stocked With 60+ Hours of Sales Training
  • Exclusive Private Mastermind Group 
  • Accountability Buddy Program 
  • Weekly Sales Workshops and Q&A 
  • Mobile App To Learn On-The-Go

Connect With the Sales Mastermind and We Will Explore New Opportunities. Together.


All Courses Accessible from any computer and/or mobile devices

Sales 101: The Essential Secrets of the Sales Masters

More than 30 videos with a comprehensive sales process you've been looking for, broken down point-by-point.  I have spent decades cataloging and documenting thousands of techniques for every sales situation.

Working with salespeople around the world listening to the best salespeople in every industry selling everything you can imagine, I have covered absolutely everything you need to be successful in sales.  I no longer sell this course.  Now I simply give it to members of the Mastermind!

Real Estate Sales Skills

  • WHAT IF... you could call FSBOs and expired listings and have a script that answers every objection they throw at you?
  • WHAT IF... you could lock buyers into a relationship (with you) so they don't end up working with another realtor next weekend?

This in-depth Real Estate Sales Course will answer all of these questions as well as the questions you haven’t even thought of yet. You will finish this course feeling confident in your real estate skills and ready to take on every challenge head-on!

Cold Calling Mini-Course

In this video series, I teach my personal Jiu-Jitsu flip designed to open conversations.  This technique can flip a customer from “I’m not interested” into a relaxed, back and forth conversation.  I cover this Jiu-Jitsu flip in detail – breaking it down into its four components.

The video series continues by offering an important Mastermind Mindset – learning.  Adopting a mindset of constant learning lowers the stress involved in cold calling and selling in general.

The series concludes with the importance of Trust-based selling and taking full responsibility for your circumstances and your results.

Workshops Library

This library is updated as we have live workshops and Q&A sessions where we discuss all things sales and mastermind!

++ And more...

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